It’s Sunday!

I want to start being more consistent with my blog now that my life is starting to feel a little less out of control.  I feel like maintaining this blog has been a positive thing for me; I feel very much supported in my recovery on this blog and I also feel like it is so important to talk about my journey.  At one time I was completely consumed by the online world; I had fully immersed myself into pro-ana but I no longer participate in that online community.  I have found connection and hope with this blog and with the individuals who read it and who have been supporting me for the last few months!

My goal is to post something every Sunday. This will be a good day to reflect on the week and to keep myself accountable to how things are going. Today I will be meal planning and meal prepping for the week!



12 thoughts on “It’s Sunday!

  1. Oh, ABR!! I’m so happy to hear that you feel more in control!
    And also that you disconnected from the pro-ana community. Pro-ana is really just pro-death, and most don’t realize it.
    Yes, it’s definitely important to talk about your journey! Not only for yourself, but to encourage others!!

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